Monday, September 9, 2013

Healthy Living Update

Yep, that's a picture of me in a swimsuit! Last Sunday we took baby girl swimming for the first time and while the thought of having a bunch of photos of me in a swimsuit was I appealing I didn't let it stop me from enjoying this special first with my little girl! Besides, your eye automatically goes to the cute infant and not to the postpartum Momma. This is just before she turned 2 months and I'm about 20 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (I gained 55 pounds). 

This was taken at the hotel where my in-laws were staying. It was so great to have them here but at the same time I really missed our routine and eating healthy while they were visiting. Well, the day they headed back to Ohio we did some grocery shopping and both the husband and I committed to eating better and moving more. 

We are focusing our eating on fresh whole foods with no grains. We are eating a little bit of rice (which is technically a grass) and we are eating white potatoes. We also haven't given up dairy although my goal is to eliminate it for at least two weeks to see if it makes me feel better. We are focusing our exercise on walking for now with a goal to add in some weights eventually. Last week I walked about 9 miles, it's 3 miles if I walk from our house to campus and walk the loop around campus and then back home. I did that two days and then Friday I walked inside for about 40 minutes. I'm looking forward to the temperatures going down a little bit in the next few months so that I don't always need a shower after going outside!

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