Saturday, August 3, 2013

One Month

It's been one month since I gave birth to my little girl and I'm feeling surprisingly good! Lots of people ask how I'm doing and if I'm feeling good and I'm still a little in shock at how easy my recovery has been. Oh, there is still some pain and I get tired pretty easily. But after all of the reading and preparing that I did I was prepared for the worst. Having dealt with depression in the past I fully expected to experience at least mild depression or "baby blues" but I have truly felt happy and been managing the sleep and crying quite well.

I am also fortunate to be married to a guy who sees this as a joint effort and for the last 4 weeks he has either been at home or gone to work for just a few hours each day. In the morning, after her 6 or 7 am feeding he takes her out of our room and into the living room so that I can get 2-3 hours of good uninterrupted sleep. That little bit has really helped me to feel human!

I'm still taking it easy physically, no running, just easy walks with my little girl. We walked 2 miles to my office and back on Monday and I hope to repeat that again this coming week but its hard when the temps are in the triple digits!

Overall I am just thankful that I can really enjoy this time with my baby and soak up all of her tininess!

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