Friday, May 10, 2013

Work Shower

We had our last baby shower for Caroline, if you are keeping count that's shower number 4! My wonderful coworkers threw me a lovely come and go shower at work. Unfortunately I was off my game and missed out on taking pictures until the very end but I did get this great picture with my good friend Rachel and her little girl Anna. Don't you just love Anna's hair? Anna was born just before Christmas and she's already handed down quite a few adorable outfits to Caroline!

Me, Rachel and Anna
At the party there were amazing cupcakes made by one of my coworkers and other tasty snacks. We got a lot of great practical gifts, including 3 baby bath tubs! By the end of all the showers we were left with 5 ways to bathe Caroline. Here are all of the bath tubs lined up on our dining table. We will be keeping the blooming bath and just one of the other plastic bath tubs!

5 ways to bathe Caroline and keep her squeaky clean!

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