Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last Vacation as a Family of Two!

We took our last vacation as a family of two last week and boy was it amazing! At 33 weeks pregnant I am feeling exhausted and I was getting stressed with the end of the semester and the husband being gone for work so much so it was great to just get away and relax and enjoy each others company for 5 whole days.

I spent a good deal of time investigating resorts and possible vacation destinations in the early part of the year. I knew that we wanted somewhere pretty all-inclusive with things to do on the property and a place where we could just relax rather than site see. We had thought about Austin or San Antonio but I knew that if we did that we would feel the need to play tourist and I just didn't have the energy for it. I had just about made up my mind and reconciled myself to the cost of a trip to a resort near the Austin area when the husband got a Groupon e-mail advertising a resort just north of Houston. The deal was amazing and so I bought it and booked it without a second thought. Totally worth it! We saved nearly half of what we had planned to pay and had an amazing adventure.

The adventure began with a 5 hour road trip, one of the flaws of living in a huge state. Abilene may be in the geographic center but it still takes 5 hours to get anywhere! We stopped in Bryan/College Station for a late lunch and asked a good friend of ours where we should eat, we thought he would know since he spent 9 glorious undergrad years here at Texas A&M. He recommended the Chicken Oil Co. and we were not disappointed by the burger and milkshake! The fries were just okay but that milk shake was amazing, especially on a hot day when you've been in the car for 4 hours.

We got to the resort and checked in and spent the first afternoon in the pool watching a group at a leadership conference make boats out of cardboard and compete to get the most stuff out of the pool! It was quite entertaining to watch. Other than the conference attendees there really weren't that many people at the resort and so it felt like we had the place to ourselves.

This next picture is taken from Starbucks, there are docks that you can pull up into to get your Starbucks fix! We had some ice cream near here after a great Thai dinner in Montgomery. We were on Lake Conroe.

Here are some pictures of the resort, we did have one day of rain and so we used that time to run down to Houston to a baby store to check out jogging strollers and whatnot. We also managed to catch a showing of Iron Man 3 which gets two thumbs up from our household.

This is the tower, there are also cottages along the golf course. This is the marina side of the hotel.

Here is the view from our room with a bit of glare, it was sunny and hot, perfect for hanging out by the pool!

Another view from the room. All of the rooms are suites with balconies which is awesome!

This is on e of the kids play areas, that's my big kid there waiting to get soaked by the big bucket up top.

This is what happens when the bucket fills and releases, the husband is somewhere under there!

Somebody had to test out all of the slides, including the kiddie slides. I stood back and took pictures, I'm pretty sure my OB would have a problem with me going down a water slide at 33 weeks pregnant!

These are the big kid slides, no waiting!

You can sort of see a foot coming off that slide, I think he went down at least 30 times in 2 days!

In addition to the water slides there is also a free mini golf course and a real golf course. We opted for mini golf. It was difficult not letting the belly get in the way, I certainly couldn't bend over to get my ball out of the hole :)

Someone is very serious about their mini golf!
So close! I lost by one stroke but this was a pretty good score for me.

On the way home we stopped in Dublin at what used to be the Dublin Dr. Pepper Plant but is now the Dublin Bottling Works due to a lawsuit with DP. I got a root beer float while the husband got orange cream. All of their sodas are made with real sugar, no HFCS!

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