Saturday, May 4, 2013

Belly Updates

Here are some belly updates from the last few weeks! I didn't get around to the traditional pics by the brick wall mostly because I didn't have my trusty photographer around, he's been pretty darn busy lately with work so here is what I have and I kind of like these better because they put the belly in context and give a glimpse of what life has been like during this pregnancy.

First up is my 29 weeks shot. This picture was taken at the Zeta Rho paint war rush. For those who are not familiar with these types of things I am an advisor for a women's social club (not really a sorority but sort of a similar concept only focused on God and they don't live in a house together). In the spring freshman from across campus get to check out all of the different clubs and begin to see if they would like to pledge a club in the fall. Each club holds a party or rush event that is meant to show off what the club is about and give the girls a chance to meet one another. This was the second year that our girls did a paint war and it was a blast! This picture shows the girls after splattering paint all over each other. I even got in on the action towards the end! You can see me there with the heart on my belly. It was a lot of fun!

29 weeks at the paint war

The week after rushes it was time for what most clubs call "Spring Formal." Well, our girls aren't super frilly and they are very budget conscious so we opted for a beach themed social held at the church. Here I am with my good friend Tara showing off my belly bump! Ps. I love this new dress, I plan to wear it at my shower tomorrow and for my maternity pics and then maybe every other day until baby arrives. It is super comfy and allows for good air flow!

30 weeks at spring social
This last update is from week 32, see my post about my Zeta Rho shower for week 31 1/2. I decided to try the self-timer on my phone and it worked, this is the 6th take :) It's a little blurry but not bad considering the method used. I was getting ready for work that morning and thought it would be a good opportunity to take a picture, especially since my hair was looking pretty great!

32 weeks in the nursery

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