Monday, January 2, 2012

Texas State Fair

 In October the husband and I headed to the Big D for the Texas state fair. We decided to give ourselves free rein to taste the fried delicacies offered at the fair. We decided to split everything so that we could get a taste of all the different foods. Following are some of the highlights from our day.

To the left you have the husband eating pancake wrapped buffalo chicken. It's basically a boneless buffalo wing dipped in pancake batter and deep fried. It was surprisingly delicious! To the right I'm eating a deep fried grilled cheese sandwich. It came with a side of tomato soup sauce for dipping. It was beautifully presented for fair food and I really enjoyed it.

Next up was deep fried biscuits and gravy. This was kind of weird and not my favorite deep fried food. I wouldn't waste calories on it again :)

One of my favorites was the one to the right, deep fried smore! Oh my goodness, this was a total improvement on the original smore. It was a winner! I could have eaten about 10 of these and I'm not sure I would have felt too bad about it either ;)

Along with all of the eating that we did we probably walked a million miles. We checked out all of the new cars and all of the animals in the petting zoo and made our way over to the butter sculpture. Very cool. I listened to a How to Do Everything podcast in which they talked about butter sculptures, not the same as sculpting stone.

We also saw the Borden cow where they were also passing out free soft-serve yogurt samples. Yummy!

Our next stop on the tour of fried foods was chicken fried bacon dipped in ranch. Wow, let's take a fatty food and make it even worse for you. It tastes delicious! The husband really liked it too!

We met up with some friends at the fair and went to see the pig races which were hysterical.

After the pig races it was time for another round of fried food. We opted for some fries with a garlic sauce on them. They were okay but nothing like In-N-Out fries. I wouldn't go out of my way to get them again.

Our last stop was for something sweet to cap off the night. We split a funnel cake and some Blue Bell cookies and cream ice cream. We ate our funnel cake while watching the fireworks show. It was a good time and a great introduction to Texas!

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