Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Year in Review

I went back into the archive and took a look at my goals and my weight at the beginning of the year. I thought and check in and see how I did.

1. Run a full marathon! Done, I may not have been able to run the entire thing due to circumstances beyond my control but I definitely consider this goal to be accomplished.
2. Keep the scale going down - I'd like to reach my goal weight but with my sluggish pace that may not be realistic especially when I'm not entirely sure what would be a good final weight.I started the year at 193.2 and before heading out for Christmas vacation I was hanging out at 191. So, I didn't keep the scale going down but I didn't completely undo all of my progress. On top of that I truly feel healthier today than I did a year ago.

3. Enjoy living in Southern California and take advantage of it before moving to Texas I would say that my tour de LA posts sum this up. I did a great job of taking advantage of where we lived and spending time with friends before the move. I think we are still doing a pretty good job of making the most of where we live.

4. Use up all of my yarn that is currently in the closet before buying more :) I've done okay on this one but not great, I made some Christmas gifts that required me to buy some yarn. I have cut back significantly though.

5. Present a new paper at the Sociology of Religion conference in August They changed the conference dates and so I wasn't able to attend but I did present a new paper at the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion in October. I got some great feedback and am working to get some papers submitted for publication.

Overall, I'd say I did pretty darn good this past year especially given the big move and all of the changes in our lives.

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