Monday, January 2, 2012

12 in 2012

This post is all about my goals for 2012. I've decided to focus on 12 things this year that I feel really are attainable. Here's the list:

1. Go 95% primal
2. Run a half marathon finishing at a 12 minute mile pace
3. Establish and grow an awesome sociology program
4. Run a 9 minute mile - just one
5. Grow savings account (I have a number in mind)
6. Submit at least one article for publication (I have 2-3 contenders)
7. Crochet a full size blanket
8. Consolidate student loans and set up payment plan and apply for forgiveness program
9. Pay off private student loan
10. Do regular devotionals with the husband
11. Strengthen certain family relationships
12. Place membership and get involved in a church

As I write them all out it seems like a lot but several of those are already in process, particularly the student loan and savings goals. I'll check in around February 1st with how I'm doing with my list.

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