Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A European Adventure

In less than 2 weeks I will be in Amsterdam with one of my best friends.  I am sooo excited.  This trip is a graduation present from my wonderful husband and from myself since I made a promise to myself when I started grad school that I would do something awesome when I finished and that was long before I met the hubs.

Anyway, we are starting off in Amsterdam and then heading up to Copenhagen, down to Berlin, Munich and the Sleeping Beauty castle.  Then we head up to Nuremberg where we are staying with a friend from college who lives there.  Then, the part I'm excited about, we are renting a car and going to Beilstein and Rothenberg, two cute little villages in the Mosel Valley.  Then we will head to Cologne and leave Germany for Belgium where it will be a feast of chocolate, waffles and french fries in Brussels and Bruges.  And we end up back in Amsterdam in time to fly home. 

I get a little tired thinking about everything we are going to be doing and all of the trains we will be sleeping on but it will be soo worth it!  I'm waiting for the UPS man to deliver our rail passes today and we have most of the sleeping arrangements made and we have an itinerary of the things we would like to do and see.  Now I just have to get my grading done and clear out my office before we take off.
Burg Eltz in the Mosel Valley, one of the stops on our tour!

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