Monday, January 31, 2011

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I'm still at 210, weighed in and no change. I wanted to throw the scale, I mean, I was a little inconsistent but I also burned way more calories than I had originally planned for the week. I really just wanted to have a success today so that I could know that all of the hard work is paying off. It's really frustrating when you feel like you are doing everything right but the scale doesn't move emoticon ...

Now, I'm going to turn this post into a positive reaction. What do I do now? What did I learn this week? Well, I was baking last night for this contest and I went over my goal calories by eating a bunch of chocolate chips. Okay, so I need to be ready when I'm baking to know that I have a sweet tooth and need accountability. Maybe I should bake with my husband at home to help me stay accountable or measure out what I need and put the rest back in the cupboard before I even begin. I need to remember that weight loss is a process that takes time and undoing years of bad habits does not happen overnight. I need to be proud of the fact that I have been off soda completely for almost 40 days and that I walked 6 miles yesterday burning over 1000 calories.

I can do this and I will! emoticon

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