Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interview Anxiety

Last month I wrote about applying for a job at Pepperdine, now I'm interviewing for a job at Pepperdine!! What a crazy month it's been. In two days I will go in for an all day interview with meetings galore and teaching a 50 minute lecture for the research methods class. Surprisingly, it's the lecture part of the interview that's got me all worked up. I'm supposed to lecture on "How to write a research paper" which is such a boring topic and one that I've never lectured on before. I've actually never assigned a complete research project and now I have to teach students how to write it up. It's a little mind boggling and scary. It will be a good day overall, I'm sure of it. Hopefully they'll even make me an offer before Thanksgiving so I have one more thing to be thankful for!

Anyway, in other news my husband's car was in the shop this week. Apparently the fuel pump was leaking and basically the car could have exploded at any time! Fortunately we got it fixed, unfortunately it cost about $1000. Fortunately we have an amazing support system here in SoCal and we were able to make everything at work. It is amazing the way that God answers prayer through the people in our lives!

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