Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Thing About Travel

It's a good thing that I like to travel as we live several thousand miles away from our neare relatives and I enjoy conferences for work and taking students to do interesting things, such as the presidential inauguration! I started listing all of our travel for the next year and nearly gave my husband an ulcer. Here is what it looks like right now:

Early November - work conference in Boston
Late November - husbands work trip to Cincinnati (also a family trip since that's where his folks live)
Early December - back to Cincy to celebrate the holidays early
Late December - Northern California for Christmas with my family
Early January - a week in Dallas teaching a class (thankfully just driving)
March - possibly SoCal to visit friends and family
April - San Antonio conference 
May - hopefully 2 weeks in DC teaching a class on national security
June - conference in Nashville mixed with a trip to Cincy
August - conference in San Fran mixed with a visit with my family

Writing it all out it looks ridiculous but that's just the way we roll around here. When we moved to Texas I knew we would need a substantial travel budget to keep me sane. What's more ridiculous is that baby will be joining me on all of these trips! By 6 months she'll have been to 6 states.

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