Thursday, August 22, 2013

Training Updates

I hesitated putting anything on here since I really haven't been doing much but then I thought this might help me get motivated. I have officially gotten the all clear from the doctor, I am completely healed and feel great. So, what's the problem? I'm struggling with balance. And heat. Yeah, let's blame the temps that never fall below 80 degrees.

In reality the heat is only one factor. The other is that it just takes more effort to get out and do anything with the baby. She is still to little to jog with as she doesn't have great head support yet and while I might handle the heat she gets overheated and then throws up! We have been walking, we walked to campus on Monday and plan to do the same tomorrow. We are also walking around campus more in an effort to go and visit friends all over campus. 

As school begins on Monday I am looking forward to finding a routine with the baby that will include walking up to the office MWF to get an hour or so of work done in my office. My running will get started in mid September when the morning temps start to cool and Caroline is just a little bigger or perhaps Dad can stay with her while I go for a short jog.

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