Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

As promised, now that my baby is 3 weeks old there are some things that I actually miss about being pregnant and while I didn't really enjoy being pregnant there are a few things that I do really miss.

1. Many women told me that it's much easier to keep a baby happy and healthy while they are inside you and that I would miss having that security knowing that she was safe and sound. They were right, especially as she was diagnosed with jaundice and we were in the hospital for three nights I really came to appreciate how easy it was to keep her safe while I was pregnant but now I have very little control.

2. I miss her hiccups! Oh, she still has hiccups but now I only hear them, I don't feel them. Her hiccups now sound somewhat painful while the hiccups when she was still in my belly were just cute and made me smile.

3. I miss eating whatever I wanted and not worrying too much about weight gain! Oh, I shouldn't have eaten whatever I wanted then I wouldn't have gained about 50 pounds but it was very freeing. I'm working on taking off those 50 pounds but trying not to be obsessive and really focusing on foods that are best for nursing.

That's about all I can think of at the moment, I am enjoying watching our little girl grow and sleeping on my back again! I am also enjoying wearing real shoes now that most of the swelling is gone.

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