Friday, May 27, 2011

Visiting good friends

Sunday to Monday, May 22 to 23, 2011

After our trip to Dachau we ate some dinner in Munich and then hopped on a train for a short ride up to Nürnberg to stay with our friend Nick. Nick went to Cascade with us and lived in the Portland area until September of last year when he transferred jobs to Adidas in Germany. We got the privilege of being his first visitors from the States. His apartment is right downtown within the city walls so we had a great location for sightseeing.

In Sunday we just enjoyed the ability to sit around and hang out and catch up. Monday we took our time getting up and ready and then headed out to tour the town. For lunch we had Nürnbergers which are little sausages similar to our breakfast sausage links.  We ate them with potato salad and Radler which is half beer and hald Sprite. It's a nice refreshing and inexpensive drink.

After lunch we walked towards the castle stopping for ice cream along the way :) The castle is made up of quite a few buildings and while we didn't go in it was beautiful on the outside.  We left the castle and walked by the home where artist Albrecht Durer lived. There are a few statuea of him around the town. We opted not to go in the museum since it doesn't have any of his original works, just reproductions. We did see some of his work in one of the other museums that we visited. We saw a couple of Gothic churches. I am just not a huge fan of the gothic style, it is all so dark and when I think of God I think of light.

We sat at a cafe outside and people watched and then headed back to Nick's where we did some laundry. Nick is heading to Moscow for work and needed to leave his car at a friends house so we decided to have dinner outside of the city.  We got to drive on the Autobahn for a little bit to get there. Nick wanted to give us the full experience by going 200 kmh, it was a little frightening but also awesome!

We had dinner at an Italian place run by Italians that was good, not as good as the place in Berlin but pretty darn tasty. After dinner we dropped off his car and his friend brought us back to town where we packed up our stuff and for the next day since we were scheduled to pick up the car at 9 am. It was nice to visit someplace where we knew someone and we could really just relax.

Suzie :-)

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