Sunday, May 15, 2011

Take the midnight train going anywhere

Saturday to Sunday, May 14-15, 2011

Well, not exactly anywhere, ideally this midnight train gets us from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. We left the central train station in Amsterdam on an overnight train at 7:01 pm. We had made a reservation for a four person couchette when we first arrived in Amsterdam. Our "room" was already arranged into bunks so we got into our upper bunk and settled in. We were on the top bunk while another couple was on the bottom bunk. The main problem was that we couldn't sit up straight so it was easier just to lay down. Apparently I was really tired because I fell asleep right away at abou 8 pm and woke up only once to use the restroom before 8 am. The rocking of the train really lulled me to sleep. We were also fortunate that our car was really nice and quiet.

When I finally woke up this morning I ate my bread and cheese and fruit that we bought yesterday afternoon. Dutch Gouda is an awesome mild cheese, I seriously could have eaten the entire kg round that we bought.

We should be arriving in Copenhagen soon and we'll hit the ground running with a few museums and sights.

Suzie :-)

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