Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Jordaan

After getting to Schipol airport this morning we took the train into the city center where found a city tram to take us to our hostel. We made it to the hostel around 11 am. After checking in we took off to explore Amsterdams Westside neighborhood known as the Jordaan.

We followed Rick Steves self-guided which turned into us wandering quaint little side streets sipping coffee next to the canal and then a light lunch at one of the "brown" cafes. It was a lovely walk but we were pretty exhausted so we came back to the hostel to try taking a power nap before trying to see a few more sights tonight.

Now I'm slightly more alert and ready to hit the city as soon as my travelling companion gets ready. It's only day one and already this trip is simply amazing!

Suzie :-)

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