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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here I am, I'm back but I may be heading to Indiana sooner than I had anticipated! Graduation weekend was great, both of my sets of parents were there along with my in-laws. It really was a special weekend, although it was a little stressful. I had a good heart-to-heart with my major professor, I don't think he believes that I can finish my dissertation this Summer. It was really disheartening to see that he doesn't believe in me. I know that I've procrastinated a ton and I'm not the best writer but I know that I can do it and up until this past week I really felt like he believed in me too. It was just a bit disappointing and so, what should have been a joyous and wonderful weekend had a figurative and literal rain cloud hanging over it. Anyway, here is a picture that my husband took. I didn't really like any of the full-length shots - I don't think anyone looks good in a cap and gown!

Okay, on to the present and whats going on now. Well, I went grocery shopping yesterday and was all set to get on track and lose this weight. Then, I got a very disturbing e-mail. We have to evict the tenants in our house in Indiana, apparently their checks bounced and after 18 days they haven't gotten us the money. I feel bad for them but at the same time I feel really taken advantage of because now we have to deal with legal fees and get the sheriff involved and quite honestly, we do not have the money to deal with all of this. I felt really stressed by the news and called my husband and we talked about our options - not too many right now. I'm just frustrated by all of the obstacles that keep getting in the way of progress and it's annoying!! Anyway, I'm not concentrating here in California and the husband wants to send me back to Indiana until I finish writing and defend my dissertation. That means I may leave this weekend and come back around mid-June. Not psyched about being gone so long but I know it's probably the right decision so that I can focus and be there to deal with the house if I need to.

So, that's what's going on. With all the stress I really wanted to eat and eat and eat but I didn't, I went to the pool and laid in the sun instead. I went over my calories but not as bad as I thought it would be - progress.

Now for the whole point of this post - reworking my goals. Obviously I have not made my first goal which was 200 by 5/1. Not even close so here are my revised goals:

06/23/09 - Under 200 (my birthday)
09/19/09 - No longer "obese" (185 lbs) (hubby's birthday)
12/25/09 - back to engagement weight (170 lbs)
03/01/10 - No longer "overweight" (150 lbs)
05/01/10 - Ultimate weight goal 135 pounds!

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